*** July 16th Luncheon - CANCELED ***
  • The vendor canceled all bookings due to the upswing in new COVID-19 cases.
  • They are acting in accordance with the current CDC and Florida Health Department guidelines.
WARNING: Email Scam
Be aware there is a new email scam that may be sent from a "known" contact. The latest, an Encore member received a plea for help from another Encore member. After some exchange of emails, the 'conversation' escalated to a request to purchase something. Once $$$ was brought up, the jig was up and a "scam alert" was raised in the contacted person. She phoned her sister member and only that morning the sister member found out about the scam when other friends called to notify her.

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Add info.esteronewcomers.com and noreply.esteronewcomers.comto your approved email list. Also, check your SPAM or Junk folder regularly to ensure you do not miss any emails of importance from club members, the website, and/or WePay.
ENC text message number - (239) 880-8393
Please create a contact for this text message phone number. In the event that an activity needs to be canceled at the last minute, a brief text message will be texted to those members who are attending the event AND have registered their text message phone number in their profile. Please take this time to ensure your profile is updated. Hurricane season along with COVID may cause scheduled activities to be canceled. Note: this number does not accept replies. For information on updating your profile click here.
In Person Club Meetings Slowly Resuming
The Executive Board is committed to following the State of Florida guidelines. Check out Trip, Tour and Special Events for NEW links to  You Tube videos along with the virtual tours, live cameras of some SWF beaches and Activities Chair Lynn Medini's suggested activities.

Beach Day is resuming on July 23rd 9:30-1:30. For more infromation, contact Cindy Marchant,  cindymarchant@comcast.net317-441-4001 . Register here for this event. 
Paradise Readers book club is resuming meetings at Perkins Restaurant on the corner of Benn Hill Griffin and Corkscrew Road on July 13th 1:00-3:00 (lunch is at 12:00). They will be discussing “The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar”. Contact Sue Shaw, 239-301-2195, alandsueshaw@gmail.com or Kris Parker, 518-605-2216, parkerkris@comcast.net  for more information.
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Virtual Local Interest Items
Google Meet or Zoom - Safe Social Distance Meetings
Experiment with Zoom or the new Google Meet to schedule a "Happy Hour" or catchup meeting with your ENC friends. BEYOND THE BOOK ZOOM MEETING will be held July 22 at 2 PM. The group will be discussing the book "Chances Are". Contact Mahasti Koosha, mahkoosha@gmail.com for further information.
Yarn and Chat is holding a Zoom meeting on July 2nd at 1:00 pm. Contact Lonnie Estes, lonnieta@comcast.net, 304-933-9289
The July newsletter looks fabulous! This month all the ladies that perform all the mundane activities that keep the club functioning so smoothly are featured. They comprise Charity, Parliamentarian, Membership, Newsletter, and Website. With extra time on your hands, take this opportunity to read the latest newsletter posted on the website Newsletter page. Contact Brenda Njiwaji, njiwajib@msn.comor via the Contact Us page if you have an interesting story to share.
The home page is updated often to keep you informed of any important notices. Refer any website issues to the website administrator, Jayne Cohen, jaynejcohen@gmail.com or via the Contact Us page.
Check out the Tech Tips section under Member Resources! This month's tip featured in the Newsletter addresses using your phone to take and download a profile picture. If your photo is on your computer, click adding your photo to your profile. Photos help your new friends locate you should they forget your name (easy to do at this time)!

Recently, I saw a Facebook posting that resonated with me by an unknown author and I saved the post. It reads as follows:
“What if 2020 isn’t canceled? What if 2020 is the year we have been waiting for? A year so uncomfortable, so scary, so raw - that it finally forces us to grow. A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber. A year we finally accept the need for change. A year we finally band together, instead of pushing each other further apart. 2020 isn’t canceled, and may be the most important year of them all.”
I immediately thought of the New Year’s phrase “for auld lang syne” and  researched its meaning which loosely translates as “for old times’ sake” (Wikipedia). The standard English version of Auld Lang Syne sung on New Year’s Eve portrays the hope to preserve the oldest most important relationships in one’s life while looking forward to new beginnings. In this respect, it works well with the way we traditionally use the changing of the year to reflect on the past while envisioning a fresh start.
THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL…We are now half way through this year and a lot has happened. We sheltered in place for months. Unfortunately, we lost a member Carol Briggs to cancer. Another member had to put her husband in hospice and subsequently he passed. Most members felt the feeling of isolation since no one was able to physically see family and friends. A board member labored tirelessly by creating a priceless memory cd/bound book for her family members to enjoy from old pictures and videos - a true ancestry keepsake. We all watched the world change and continue to change right before our eyes!
The ENC Executive Board and Board of Directors learned to keep in touch and continue documenting the business portion at hand via ZOOM meetings. Brenda Njiwaji updated and compiled a survey called “It Takes a Village” so the nominating committee can identify the next generation leaders/volunteers candidates for nomination and election to the Executive Board based on the membership nominations in September and vote in October at the monthly business meeting held during the luncheons. The newly elected Executive Board will appoint the other Board of Director positions based on those generous enough to volunteer their talents and time to continue to maintain ENC the best women’s club in Southwest Florida. Lynn Medini will be sending out a new survey shortly asking for your input for the activities that her team hosts. Our lunch coordinators Christy Ruschel and Gloria Kovac-Ciruli have identified the balance of the year luncheon locations (refer to the Luncheon Info ENC website page), including the next luncheon at The Forest Country Club on July 16th (register here). Lynn Medini secured Spanish Wells for our December Holiday Party. We look forward to following the current CDC guidelines and live the new norm.
I look forward to seeing you at the next event you feel comfortable attending.

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Estero Newcomers Club is a vibrant, active organization with many opportunities for socializing and meeting new people in both large and small group settings. Click About Us to learn more about our history, membership, organization, and Activities.
Our Luncheon meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at local country clubs. There are also a host of varied, monthly activities which enable Estero women to meet others with mutual interests. Explore our wide array of activities and find the ones that most interest you.  
Although our club is designed for women, we have many activities, excursions, and events that include spouses, partners, and male friends. These men can also participate in their very own lunch, held at the same time as the Estero Newcomers monthly luncheon.
The Estero Newcomers Club is a warm, inviting, inclusive organization which will welcome and encourage you as you get acquainted. Does this sound like a group you would enjoy? Join today!
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The Estero Newcomers Club is a social club which affords women of the Estero and surrounding areas the opportunity to...
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