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Club Events Still Postponed
The Executive Board is committed to following the State of Florida guidelines in the best interest of our members during this challenging time. Trip, Tour and Special Events contains some virtual tours, live cameras of some SWF beaches, and other activities to experience courtesy of Lynn Medini, Activities Chair.
Google Meet or Zoom - Safe Social Distance Meetings
Why not experiment with Zoom or the new Google Meet to schedule a "Happy Hour" or catchup meeting with your ENC friends. The Member Directory is one way to locate contact information to connect remotely via video online meet ups.
The June newsletter looks fabulous with a brand new format! This month all the ladies that make our Luncheons so memorable are featured. With extra time on your hands, take this opportunity to read the latest newsletter posted on the website Newsletter page. Contact Brenda Njiwaji, njiwajib@msn.comor via the Contact Us page if you have an interesting story to share.
Please note the home page is updated often to keep you informed of any important notices. Refer any website issues to the website administrator, Jayne Cohen, jaynejcohen@gmail.com or via the Contact Us page.
Check out the Tech Tips section under Member Resources! This month's tip featured in the Newsletter addresses using your phone to take and download a profile picture. If your photo is on your computer, click adding your photo to your profile. Photos help your new friends locate you should they forget your name (easy to do at this time)!

Facing COVID-19 Challenges
It is difficult being the President of the best women's social club when I cannot be social...
There is only so much that I can do within my condo walls - clean out closets, prepare paperwork for my accountant to file this year’s taxes, complete the 2020 census, etc.  My life has taken on a new path… there is no sense of urgency, one day blends into the next, going to sleep later, sleeping in, and only my calendar provides a clue as to the day or date!  The silence is deafening when my fiance Larry is off working from 1:30 to 10:00 pm  -  our new date place is Publix! 
But what can I do in the interim until the coast is really clear?  I contacted all our members via phone/email to see how each of you were fairing during this pandemic. A majority said they were living as well as could be expected; sorry they could not make it back to their northern home; just happy to hear from someone from Estero Newcomers Club; or enjoying new reading material (newsletter, links to virtual tours of the Vatican or Hawaii or our beach cam).
A few members that I talked to asked if the club was sponsoring any charitable organizations  -  well the idea was fantastic and I requested an emergency Zoom board meeting. We will also take this suggestion one step further and activate credit card donations for our monthly luncheon charity beginning in July. Keep an eye out for further news via the website and newsletter charity sections from Carole Sarkozy, Charity Coordinator.
Your Activities Chair, Lynn Medini and her staff are trying their best to think out of the box, especially since most activities are non-existent for large groups.  Keep an eye out for Zoom meeting notifications in the near future!  Lynn has worked also tirelessly with Brenda Njiwaji, Newsletter Editor and Jayne Cohen, Website Administrator to create a survey available next month which will ask for your input.
Hopefully, this way of life is temporary and the light at the end of the tunnel appeared May 4th when the Governor opened Florida to the First Phase. Keep checking the website for current information. The June newsletter will spotlight our great board members and luncheon volunteers as well as other activity ideas for sheltering in–place.
Thanks for your support!

Estero Newcomers Club is a vibrant, active organization with many opportunities for socializing and meeting new people in both large and small group settings. Click About Us to learn more about our history, membership, organization, and Activities.
Our Luncheon meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at local country clubs. There are also a host of varied, monthly activities which enable Estero women to meet others with mutual interests. Explore our wide array of activities and find the ones that most interest you.  
Although our club is designed for women, we have many activities, excursions, and events that include spouses, partners, and male friends. These men can also participate in their very own lunch, held at the same time as the Estero Newcomers monthly luncheon.
The Estero Newcomers Club is a warm, inviting, inclusive organization which will welcome and encourage you as you get acquainted. Does this sound like a group you would enjoy? Join today!
Estero Newcomers Club
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Our Mission
The Estero Newcomers Club is a social club which affords women of the Estero and surrounding areas the opportunity to...
  • Meet new people
  • Develop new friendships
  • Enjoy group activities, and,
  • Learn about our Southwest Florida community.

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