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This President’s message is bittersweet, since it marks the end of my tenure as President of the best club in Southwest Florida and my participation in and completion of 4 years as a member of Estero Newcomers Club.
My very first event was a Mix & Mingle at the home of JoAnn Romano where I met Mary Schaffer, Linda Lyon and Debbie Brescher to name just a few. Reminiscing further to October 2017, past President Linda Lyon called to ask if I would consider volunteering to take on Lunch Coordinator and suggest and share the job with another member, someone I might know. Christy Ruschel, girlfriend, sorority sister, and new member of ENC was my first choice! Fortunately, the previous coordinators had scheduled the next 6 Luncheon dates with local country clubs. We soon realized that we had several challenges to overcome. We negotiated better pricing for lunches to defray an increase in luncheon costs. We listened to the ideas of those that needed dietary restrictions and added a vegetarian selection to the fish and chicken choices for entrees. We replaced the silver frame place cards with personalized card stock that could be reused monthly. Additionally, I created the red imprinted dietary restriction cards to ensure members with medically necessary changes to the menu were easily flagged for the servers. Christy revamped the birthday gift bag to include a ENC engraved gift pen and small planner rather than the previous bag contents. She updated the birthday gift again to a gift boxed flashlight and pen for this year's birthday attendees at luncheons. With the money saved from negotiating the luncheon costs, we gave luncheon attendees at various times a small bottle of champagne, a scratch off lottery ticket celebrating the new year, and Norman Love candies for Easter/Passover.
In September 2019, I was asked to consider running for the President for the upcoming year. The year started out like any other, but 2020 proved to be anything but normal. Our club followed the Lee County officials request and the CDC guidelines to stay in place and canceled our March thru July luncheons and activities. In an effort to continue some type of monthly membership meeting,  we hosted Zoom Monthly 'Luncheons' meetings starting in August and featured a speaker and a designated Charity of the Month. We will end the year with a Virtual Fashion Show on December 3rd by Chico’s with our members as models.
Although we would no longer socialize as we had done in the past, we developed other ways to keep you informed and active. Your Executive Board, Mary Jo MacLaughlin (VP), Barbara DeNapoli (Treasurer) and Nancy Friedman (Secretary) and other Board Members knew that safety for all was paramount. Your Activities Coordinator Lynn Medini found virtual activities, music and museum trips. Brenda Njiwaji our Newsletter Chair created a different type of newsletter—something that featured or spotlighted the 2020 board and kept that information separate from the features on the website, as well as creating the It Takes a Village, Activity/Membership, Nomination/Election surveys. Jayne Cohen our Website Administrator helped the board to maintain information monthly, gave membership tutorials and was an integral part of communicating on behalf of the club. Kathy Pierce our Membership Coordinator gave us great news that we maintained membership over 200 to date. Carole Sarkozy our Charity Chair researched various non-profits for our members to donate monthly using Charity of the Month event that accepted payment via credit card donation. Lynn Alfano our Parliamentarian kept the board and business meetings on target following the original bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order. Our Luncheon Coordinators Christy Ruschel and Gloria Cirulli-Kovac and Registration Chairs Dana Mandy and Marion DeJong along with our hostesses worked hard to deliver a go-to event that at the height would top 135 attendees. Thank you all for a job well done... there was not an I in TEAM!!! So now I am ready to pass the baton onto the next group of women.
Congratulations to ENC’s Executive Board for 2021:
  • Gloria Cirulli-Kovac, President;
  • Carla Haas, Vice President;
  • Barbara DeNapoli, Treasurer;
  • Jayne Cohen, Secretary.
Like the board before it is imperative for our membership to be ACTIVE. There are a number of us moving up to our sister club Encore, leaving VITAL POSITIONS OPEN and yet to be filled.
NOTE: All positions have step by step directions and will be supported and trained in any tasks at hand. Please check out the “Sneak Peak” on page 3. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of what is certain to be a great team of women working to maintain a vibrant ENC and to create long lasting friendships along the way. There are also events that are dual events with Encore so this is not goodby. Until we meet again, I wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday and look forward to a different 2021. I will say it is out with the old and in with the new...take the club to the next level!

Estero Newcomers Club is a vibrant, active organization with many opportunities for socializing and meeting new people in both large and small group settings. Click About Us to learn more about our history, membership, organization, and Activities.
Our Luncheon meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at local country clubs. There are also a host of varied, monthly activities which enable Estero women to meet others with mutual interests. Explore our wide array of activities and find the ones that most interest you.  
Although our club is designed for women, we have many activities, excursions, and events that include spouses, partners, and male friends. These men can also participate in their very own lunch, held at the same time as the Estero Newcomers monthly luncheon.
The Estero Newcomers Club is a warm, inviting, inclusive organization which will welcome and encourage you as you get acquainted. Does this sound like a group you would enjoy? Join today!
Estero Newcomers Club
PO Box 1157, Estero FL, 33929

Our Mission
The Estero Newcomers Club is a social club which affords women of the Estero and surrounding areas the opportunity to...
  • Meet new people
  • Develop new friendships
  • Enjoy group activities, and,
  • Learn about our Southwest Florida community.

December 3, 11:45 - Zoom Fashion Show
The December Membership meeting will feature the best event of the year, a fashion show sponsored by Chico's at Coconut Point starring Encore and Newcomers members as the models. Click here to register for the meeting.
Tired of sitting home? Attend a Virtual Play!
Florida Rep is sponsoring q first ever live readings of 5 new works on Thursdays Nov 5, 12, 19 and Dec 3, 10 at 7PM. Check it out here.
Charity of the Month for November - CROW
Check out the Charity of the Month to make a one-time only donation all month via WePay to the selected charity for this month. Donations of  $5, $10, $15 or $20 will be gladly accepted. Look at the latest news  and check out the rest of their website.
New Page with ENC Presentation and Videos
There is a new page containing the presentations and videos from our ZOOM Meetings to provide this content for those unable to participate in the meeting. Check out Member Resources->Presentations and Videos.

Weekly Highlights
Beautiful Garden Getaway Videos!
Just for You!!! Are you interested in the Arts or are you Artistic?
Bonita Spring Art Center Activities:
Latest Website from Lynn Medini
Oldradioworld.com - Check out this website with old time radio shows: mystery, western, comedy, music- FDR Fireside Chats, Sherlock Homes, Flash Gorden, Our Miss Brooks, Dragnet, Bob Hope,  and more...
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In Person Club Meetings Slowly Resuming
 The Executive Board is following the State of Florida guidelines.
  •   Breakfast Club is ON for December 2nd, 2020 at the Downtown Coffee and Wine Company in Historic Bonita Springs. Online Registration is LIMITED and REQUIRED.
Beach Day is ON HOLD for the foreseeable future
   For more information, contact Cindy Marchant,
Paradise Readers book club has been suspended.
Contact Sue Shaw, 239-301-2195, alandsueshaw@gmail.com or
Kris Parker, 518-605-2216, parkerkris@comcast.net  for more information.
Hot Videos and Sites Spotlighted this week!
Check out the links below to You Tube videos, virtual tours, live cameras of some SWF beaches and other recommended activities from Activities Chair Lynn Medini.
Horu-ji - Oldest Wooden Temple
Interested in the Night Sky? - Astronomy Apps from Microsoft
Online Magazine from Gulf Shore
Virtual Local Interest Items
Google Meet or Zoom - Safe Social Distance Meetings
 Experiment with Zoom or the new Google Meet to catchup with your ENC friends.
  • Contact Mahasti Koosha, mahkoosha@gmail.com for further information.
 Yarn and Chat December 7th 1 to 2 PM on ZOOM.
The meeting starts with a Surprise! demonstration. Attendees exhibit completed projects or those currently underway. Lots of 'gossip' on books read, TV shows and activities are shared. We welcome any new members and first time attendees via ZOOM. Sign up for the December meeting by contacting Lonnie Estes, lonnieta@comcast.net, 304-933-9289
December's newsletter is available and all newsletters can be accessed HERE. Check out the calendar especially if you are lucky to be an December baby. Brenda has featured you on your special day and posted a surprise too! There are Sheltering in Place activities, December Charity information. Contact Brenda Njiwaji, njiwajib@msn.com or via the Contact Us page to share a topic of interest.
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