Activity Overview
The Estero Newcomers Club is dedicated to offering its members opportunities to develop new friendships, to join others in social activities, and to explore the cultural and scenic wonders of our community. To that end we offer a wide range of activities:
  • Our Social Groups category offers many opportunities for members to meet new friends in social settings at dinners, happy hours, and parties.  
  • Our Interest Groups category offers a wide variety of activities such as book and film clubs, arts and crafts groups, and cultural and scenic explorations.  
  • Our Game Groups category offers groups to play various card and board games.
We also host monthly luncheons, special events, and raise money for charity. New members are certain to find some new activity to enjoy and will surely make many new friends along the way—and, those friendships can continue to grow because many of our activities are also open to our Encore sisters! Please Join!